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Photo courtesy of Karyn Wolf
Karyn Wolf, an Apex mother, made this costume for her daughter, Peyton, using dollar store purchases: a laundry basket, poster board, pom poms, and a red hat for the cherry on top.

Over the years, Halloween has sometimes taken me by surprise. I knew it was coming, of course, but I just never guessed some of the creatures and people my children wanted to be.

One year, my 3-year-old told me he wanted to be “Frosty the Snowman.” Where do you find that costume? It was certainly not for sale in the little town in Indiana where we were living. So I headed to a fabric store, where I bought some soft, fluffy fabric and created baggy leg pants and a matching top. I coupled it with a pipe and a short broom made of twigs and a top hat made of cardboard. Although my sewing was rudimentary, he was happy, but I’m not sure anyone knew who he was until he proudly declared his identity at each house.

Another Halloween, he wanted to be Ralphie, a character from "The Magic School Bus" books and show. I got off easy that year because I simply cut out and sewed a large felt “R” on a green t-shirt and found him a red cap to wear backwards. Other years, my children were more recognizable characters — the children’s book detective Nate the Great, Zorro, an astronaut, a devil — but we still made costumes just because it was fun creating them, and a lot cheaper since we often repurposed items we found around the house.


As Halloween approaches this year, I wonder what strange and magical characters will appear on my doorstep and if they will have been brought to life at home rather than purchased in a store. With Halloween several weeks away, parents still have time to make a unique costume, and we at Carolina Parent are inviting our readers to send us photos of do-it-yourself costumes you've made to inspire us and our audience with new ideas. We’ll post them online and choose one from the bunch to receive a set of four tickets to Marbles Kids Museum’s Kooky Spooky Halloween Party on Saturday, Oct. 22, 6-8:30 p.m. Fill out the form below to share your photo by Oct. 14 and we'll post what we receive in a gallery for everyone to view. Voting will take place Oct. 10-14, and we'll announce the winner Oct. 14.

To get you started, here are a few costumes made by Karyn Wolf, an Apex mother, who puts her creative streak and imagination to work for her entire family. Here are four of her DIY costumes and tips from her on how she made them. These photos appear in a click-through gallery. Be sure to click through all of the numbers so you can see all of them!


“We ordered the wig and beard from Amazon.com and I painted the tree on poster board, cut a hole, and glued fake leaves on the tree for dimension. I even pinned some leaves on my shirt and pants as “falling leaves.” My husband, Richard, and I sported this look last year!”



“I found the white onesie at Walmart in the PJs section. I glued on a bunny tail and wore bunny ears from the dollar store. I made the drum out of a circular 'wig' box from A.C. Moore, drumsticks — dowels and duct tape — and the battery is made with a roll of paper towels wrapped in duct tape. I printed the Energizer logo off on my computer. I wore this to work and the kids loved it!”

“My husband, Richard, wore this Operation costume. We ordered the light brown scrubs from Amazon.com. I sewed each “part” using felt. I put Velcro on the back of each piece so they could actually be taken off with the working tongs. At the end of the tongs I attached a buzzer! The wig is from Amazon.com.” 



“My daughter, Mack, was Edward Scissorhands. She simply wore all black. I made the Scissorhands from cardboard and silver duct tape. (I love duct tape!) I sewed the scissor (hands) to the fingerless gloves (found at Walmart).”



“Again, my husband, Richard, was brave and let me dress him up as Beeker one year! I used poster board from the dollar store, a feather boa for the hair, Styrofoam balls for the eyes and nose.” 

Photos courtesy of Karyn Wolf

Here are the photos we've received so far. Vote for your favorite Oct. 10-14. 

DIY costumes aren't your thing? Enter our regular Halloween costume contest. 


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