Embracing Change Along Our Journey

I was happy when my family moved to the Triangle, with its top-notch museums, parks, trails, other amenities and welcoming people. Like many parents new to the area, I picked up Carolina Parent to discover helpful resources, terrific programs for kids, fun family activities and other things to learn about the Triangle. I knew to look for it.

When my son was in diapers, I stumbled across a copy of the local parenting publication in Maryland, where we lived at the time. My information-junkie habit compelled me to pick up practically every local magazine I saw. But this was different. It was specifically for parents in that area, with information I needed as a new mom.

Itching to start working part time again, I contacted the publisher to see if she would like any help creating the monthly issues. Soon I was compiling the family events calendar and editing articles, the start of a new career gathering and sharing information and resources with other parents wherever I lived.

So when my family was relocating to the Triangle, I reached out to my professional colleague, friend and then-editor of Carolina Parent. Who else would best know the ins and outs of family life in the Triangle? One day she contacted me: Carolina Parent was looking to fill an editorial position. Would I be interested? Heck, yes.

Almost seven years later, it’s with mixed emotions I write that I’m stepping down as editor of Carolina Parent. With my son at college and a new job for my husband, exciting and unknown changes are ahead.

The parenting publishing business has surely changed since I first compiled a directory and calendar of events, and it continues to change. Then, the commercial Internet was in its infancy. Few — if any — local parenting magazines had websites.

Now, Carolina Parent is almost ready to debut a transitioned website that will be “responsive,” automatically delivering information in an optimized format for whatever device you use — desktop computer, smartphone, tablet — making it even more convenient to find what you need, when you need it.  You can comment on our website, read our magazines online, share your ideas and suggestions on social media platforms, and get updates delivered directly through email.

Throughout these changes and improvements, our core mission has remained: To connect with parents and help you easily find information and local resources to fully enjoy family life in the Triangle. It’s a great place to raise kids, with much to offer (just look through this issue!), and resources and people who care.

Our new editor brings amazing energy, knowledge and skills to Carolina Parent and its mission. Beth Shugg is an experienced magazine editor who is technically savvy and hands-on with all types of media. She is especially well prepared for the position, having been the associate editor for two years. And she’s the mom of three, so parenting in the Triangle is her daily life.

My time at Carolina Parent has been exciting and fun, challenging and rewarding. Together we have tried new things, adapted and taken advantage of unexpected changes. Life, and especially parenting, is like that. Enjoy your journey.