Easy Kids Craft: Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration

O Turkey Craft Pict

This turkey makes a colorful, festive decoration for Thanksgiving.

You can use it as a napkin holder at your holiday table by placing napkins into the top of a tissue roll or create a “thankful” turkey by having kids write something they are thankful for on each of the feathers.

Colorful foam or construction paper
Empty toilet tissue roll
Wiggle eyes
Pipe cleaner (optional)

  1. Wrap your toilet tissue roll in brown paper or foam.
  2. Decide how many feathers you want your turkey to have and cut them out of the foam or paper. Hint: I created a paper pattern and traced that onto each foam piece so the feathers would be the same size and shape.
  3. Glue feathers into a fan shape on the back of the toilet tissue roll and let dry.
  4. Make a tear-shaped red wattle and triangular orange beak. Glue on face details: wiggle eyes, beak and wattle.
  5. Add foam shape or pipe cleaner feet if desired by bending two 3-inch pipe cleaners into a small heart shape and inserting the long end through the tissue roll. Bend each end inside the roll to secure.
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