Easing Kids’ Fears About Moving

“Mommy, I don’t want a new house!” It might be a funny time in the economic landscape to be talking about moving. But spring is traditionally a time for the housing market to pick up. And whether you’re moving into your first home, or moving the family across town, the change can be a hard one for the kids.

If you’re starting the moving process with young children, “I don’t want a new house, I like my room the way it is,” is probably a familiar refrain.

Moving can bring a lot of stress to a family, and often we forget that our children feel this stress as well, and sometimes create their own. It’s important to take time out from the hectic moving schedule and listen to your kids and let them know you understand their perspective on things.

For many children, the place they’re living in is the only one they’ve ever known. Their room is their safe haven, and the thought of leaving it behind can be unsettling, to say the least. Luckily there are a few things you can do with your kids to help make the transition an easier one and have them looking forward to their life in a new home.

  • In addition to listening to your child’s hopes and fears, keep the lines of communication open about the moving process and include them as much as possible.
  • Pack your kids a special box of their favorite stuff like stuffed animals, posters, photos or CDs. Label it with their name and make sure it’s one of the first boxes out of the moving truck.
  • Help your kids say good-bye to their friends by getting them an address book to collect addresses and emails in, or giving them a disposable camera to create their own scrapbook.
  • Once you’re at your new location, explore your surroundings together. Walk around the neighborhood, meet your new neighbors, and take some trips to the nearest park.
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