DIY Thanksgiving Crafts


I know I have complained about it before, but I have to say it again – Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday to decorate, especially if you have just taken down your Halloween decorations and are planning the multiple trips to the attic it will take to bring down everything for Christmas. That, my friends, is why my Thanksgiving decorating used to always center around the pumpkins left over from Halloween!


So, like any good Clueless Chick I set out on a mission to find fun little ways to decorate for Thanksgiving so that it is no longer the lost holiday wedged in between Halloween, my birthday (currently under review for inclusion as a national holiday), and Christmas. What I have come up with are two fun, easy, crafty and super inexpensive decorating ideas.


AND both my Turkey Leg and Indian corn are fun activities for the whole family and are the perfect way to keep your ‘helpers’ occupied while you are cooking:



The Perfect Turkey Leg. 

Is there anything more iconic on Thanksgiving than a turkey leg? Nope! So why not use them to decorate each place setting at the Thanksgiving table — a candy turkey leg, that is. Yes, you heard me right, candy.



Brown paper lunch bags

White paper


Leftover Halloween candy



  1. Cut each brown paper lunch bag in half and fill each bag half way with candy.
  2. Twist the top of each bag to form the shape of a turkey leg and seal with a piece of tape.
  3. Cut the white paper in 2”x2” squares, fold in half and cut half way down in ¼ inch sections.
  4. Wrap the white paper (folded section up) around the handle of the turkey leg and secure with tape.


Turkey legs also make the perfect place card, simply write names on each bag or decorate them with letter stickers.  After dinner (or even before dinner), let everyone rip into their turkey leg to find the sweet treats hidden inside. It is like a personal piñata without the work or the mess.


Sweet Indian Corn

Dried Indian Corn is a very popular decoration at Thanksgiving and all throughout fall. So I got to thinking, what does Indian Corn look like? Well, Reese’s Pieces of course! This is quite possibly my new favorite craft because it is simple, amazingly festive and filled with the world’s perfect sweet treat. 



Cellophane pretzel bags

Twist ties

A brown paper bag (or scraps leftover from your Turkey Legs) 




  1. Fill each pretzel bag three-quarters full with Reese’s Pieces and secure tightly with a twist tie.
  2. Cut the paper bag into 6”x3” rectangles, fold each in half and cut ¼” strips at the open end, leaving about ½” of uncut paper at the fold to create the corn husk.
  3. Wrap your paper husk around the top of the bag and secure with tape.. 


You now have another perfectly delicious Thanksgiving decoration that can be used all fall.


TIP: Indian Corn also makes the perfect place card, dinner favor or gift for your co-workers.


I hope you have a wonderfully sweet and super crafty Thanksgiving with the whole family! I cannot wait to spend all day in the kitchen whipping up my favorite meal of the year and preparing for my favorite day of the year — the day after Thanksgiving or as I like to call it ‘shopping and leftovers’ day! There is nothing better than a great sale and pigging out on leftovers. 🙂


Until next time,


aka Chick #1

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