DIY Gift Idea: Homemade Wall Calendars

Anthro Pic2

Wall calendars are something everyone can appreciate and this idea is simple enough that anyone can make it.

This gift idea was inspired by Anthropologie’s 2009 “Creatures Great and Small” Calendar which were so cute this past year.

This calendar are simple, colorful and expressive, but cost $20 each. Here’s a handmade alternative that will cost you about 30 minutes and a couple bucks, at the most, to create.


1. Design and create your calendar pages using whatever design software is familiar to you.

Tip: I reserved about an inch along the top of my calendar to account for overlap with the framing. I personally prefer calendar without dates, so I’ve created a basic template for a dateless calendar.

2. Measure and cut cardboard backing and framing to size.

3. Measure and cut out notch for hanging your calendar.

4. Secure pages to backing. I used a simple “hole punch/ribbon tie” method.

5. Decorate as desired.

Note: If you’re making this as a gift for a friend try pre-dating the calendar to make it easy for them, or add pictures, quotes, etc. to the calendar for a more personal feel.

— Written by Tivi Jones, Marketing Coordinator for Carolina Parent, writer, author and founder of d.i.y. crea|tivi|ty, a new blog that offers Triangle residents information and how-to’s on d.i.y. trends.





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