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Carolina Parent's sister company, Where, kicks off another Twitter #WhereChat
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Carolina Parent's sister company, Where, is excited to kick off its second Twitter #WhereChat on Wednesday, April 20. Summer is near, and that means school is out and families are free to travel. Whether it's a theme park visit, a European tour or a beach getaway, it's time to get excited about family travel! The Where folks will talk about traveling with kids and inspire each other on where to go and how to make family trips even better. Also, we'll share Where's questions and discussion's on Carolina Parent's Twitter page so you can follow along there if you'd like.

Here's how it will work, as reported by

  1. Follow us on Twitter @WhereTraveler.
  2. Hop on Twitter on Wednesday, April 20 at 2 p.s. EST.
  3. Follow the hashtag #WhereChat and/or @WhereTraveler to see what we’re chatting about. We'll post a few spring travel questions to get the chat going.
  4. Reply to our #WhereChat tweets with the answer number that matches the chat question (e.g., A1, A2, A3).
  5. Include #WhereChat in your tweet so other travel fans and participants can see your responses.
  6. Share! Who doesn’t love to talk travel dreams? Share the information about this chat with your own friends and followers so they can join the conversation.

That's it! Tweet to @WhereTraveler if you have any questions.

Carolina Parent's company, Morris Media Network, also owns the Where® brand, which encompasses, Where GuestBook and other travel guides.

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