Discover Spring Travel Options Via Twitter #WhereChat

Carolina Parent's sister company, Where, kicks off its first Twitter #WhereChat

Carolina Parent's sister company, Where, is excited to kick off its first ever Twitter #WhereChat Monday, March 21. Join the conversation to discuss spring adventures, outdoor activities, restaurant patio hotspots, spring festivals and much more. 

Here's how it will work, as reported by

  1. Follow Where on Twitter @WhereTraveler.
  2. Hop on Twitter on Monday, March 21 at noon.
  3. Follow the hashtag #WhereChat and/or @WhereTraveler to see what Where is chatting about. You'll see a few spring travel questions to get the chat going.
  4. Reply to #WhereChat tweets with the answer number that matches the chat question (e.g., A1, A2, A3).
  5. Include #WhereChat in your tweet so other travel fans and participants can see your responses.
  6. Share! Who doesn’t love to talk travel dreams? Share the information about this chat with your own friends and followers so they can join the conversation.

That's it! Tweet to @WhereTraveler if you have any questions.


Carolina Parent's company, Morris Media Network, also owns the Where® brand, which encompasses, Where GuestBook and other travel guides.

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