Dealing With Student Stress During EOGs, EOCs and Final Exams

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Help your child manage the stress of end-of-year testing and other schoolwork with these tips.

With many traditional schools wrapping up soon, many students (and their families) are likely smack-dab in the middle of EOGs, EOCs and final exams. If you’re seeing signs your kids are feeling stressed out or simply need a break from schoolwork, here are some easy ways to help them decompress and return with renewed focus.

Practice Mindfulness

​You and your child might enjoy practicing these mindfulness exercises or exploring these 11 apps that help families feel calm and relieve stress.

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Go Outside

A brisk walk or a quick game of catch in the driveway can do wonders to help kids clear their minds, rekindle their energy and return to their studies refreshed. Need more inspiration? Here are five ways to get your kids outdoors.

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Enjoy an Adventure Together

Need a longer break over the weekend or a fun way to celebrate the end of exams? Check out these links for active family fun in and around the Triangle:

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Finally, remember that a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast can go a long way toward helping kids feel ready to take on challenges at school. Check out these tips for helping kids get enough sleep and conquering the daily breakfast challenge.

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