Day 43 — A Final Thank You

Today I find myself at the end of my 43-day journey
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Today I find myself at the end of my 43 day journey. I have purposefully done one act of kindness each day since my birthday, in honor of how many years I have been alive. It has been difficult at times to find the time each night to write about my adventures, but aside from that, the days passed quickly. Surprisingly, I didn’t make it through my entire list of ideas, so there will definitely be some more good deeds in my future.

For my final act of kindness I wanted to recognize the person who made it possible for my to share this journey with you. Beth Shugg is the editor of Carolina Parent and the person who agreed to post my blogs here on this site. She worked quietly, behind the scenes, to schedule posts for me — even on weekends and vacation days.

Beth is on vacation today, but when she returns to the office she will find a surprise waiting for her there. I hope she understands just how much I appreciate her support and help with this project. Writing can be a lonely pursuit, and having positive feedback from Beth kept me motivated to continue to share my journey during this experience.

So, Beth, thank you for all of your help. Thank you for making Carolina Parent my go-to source for parenting information in the Triangle. It’s an honor to be allowed to write for you and I thank you for giving me a chance and believing in me. You’ve helped me embrace the part of myself that loves to write. You’ve given me the confidence to share my voice in my writing, and for that I am forever grateful.

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