Day 41 — Sharing Coupons

I love it when I stumble upon a coupon at the store for something I need
Maureen Churchill

I am a big fan of coupons. I have a secret dream that one day I will learn how to be one of those super couponer people who can get an entire cart of groceries for $12. I haven’t gotten myself organized enough yet to pull that off, but I did find a way to use coupons as an act of kindness.

This weekend I cut out every single coupon from the Sunday paper, even the items I had no interest in buying. I took my stack to the local grocery store and left them on the shelves next to the items they matched. That way, when someone who needed to buy that item came by they would find the coupon and use it to save some money. I love it when I stumble upon a coupon at the store for something I need. It feels just like finding money.

Turns out, this task was an absolute hit with my son. First of all, it’s a great indoor activity to help get out of this oppressive summer heat. Secondly, it was fun to watch him see if he could find all the items. He knows the locations of a surprising number of things in the store. I guess he’s picked it up along the way since I’ve been taking him grocery shopping with me since he was little. He had to really pay attention to the coupon and make sure he was finding the exact item it went with. It was sort of like a scavenger hunt.

It just so happened that we were leaving a coupon for an item just as a woman was arriving at that same spot to get that same item. She was happy to take the coupon and told him “thank you,” which made him beam. Sometimes with these acts of kindness we don’t get to interact with the people who benefit from them. Today we did, and it added another level of understanding for my son. We are helping real life people we walk past every day.

If you have coupons you don’t need, why not leave them on the shelves at the store for people who do? Who knows, maybe you’ll even find one of ours out there.

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