Day 38 — Donors Choose

Teachers can use Donors Choose to post needs they have for their classroom.
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Before I started this project, I did some research online for ideas of acts of kindness. One of the websites I landed on listed an organization called Donors Choose. I hadn’t heard of them before, so I clicked on the link to learn more. I loved what I saw and knew I wanted to add them to my list of organizations to support for this project.

Donors Choose is a website that teachers can use to post needs they have for their classroom. Donors can choose a project and donate money to help the teachers get the supplies they need. I have seen requests for TIME magazine subscriptions, alternative seating options, bulletin board decorations, iPads, musical instruments and even just books for the students to read.

I typed in my zip code to see what the teachers in my immediate area needed. I chose a project that stood out to me and donated to help get them closer to their goals. I have a lot of respect for people who choose to teach. I know it is a difficult and often underpaid and underappreciated job. It is my dream that all teachers have the supplies they need to be creative and engage their students in projects to help them expand their view of the world. I can’t fund all the teachers, but I can help at least one who is trying to do his or her best for the kids right here in my own neighborhood.

The organization's motto says it all:

Support a classroom. Build a future.


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