Day 37 — Homemade Cookies

I’m a fan of anything you do that requires the added gift of your time
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Photo courtesy of Maureen Churchill

Most everyone loves a freshly baked cookie. Most of us don’t take time to bake them much anymore, at least I know I don’t. It’s so much easier sometimes to stop by the store and pick up something premade. Lots of the bakeries inside grocery stores are offering delicious options these days. However, today we went old school and baked our own cookies at home.

Don’t get too excited, I used a box mix. But we did follow the directions and end up with some pretty and delicious cookies. I’ll be taking them to work to share with my coworkers. I’m sure they will appreciate the treat and, honestly, I don’t need a couple dozen cookies sitting in my house tempting me.

I’m a fan of anything you do that requires the added gift of your time. I’d rather have homemade cookies than store-bought. Today’s act of kindness is baking cookies and giving them away. You can give them to friends, family, neighbors or anyone else. Please just keep food allergies in mind and let people know what is in them. Oh, and maybe steer clear of peanut butter cookies, just to be safe.

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