Day 34 — Pay for the Car Behind You

I’m really glad I finally got to check this one off my list
Photo courtesy of Maureen Churchill

If you’ve been following along on my journey you know I’ve attempted this act of kindness before and failed. The first time I tried to pay for the person behind me in a drive thru line, no one got in line behind me. The second time I tried to pay for someone’s parking at a Durham Bulls Game. We arrived after the attendant had left and the parking was free. Turns out the third time was the charm.

This morning my son and I stopped at Panera to grab a late breakfast. I was keeping an eye out to see if anyone would pull in behind us, but there wasn’t anyone else in sight. I had resigned myself to the fact that this wasn’t going to happen when, suddenly, a car pulled up behind us. I don’t know who got more excited, me or my son. We were finally going to make this one happen!

When we pulled up to the window I paid for our food and then asked if I could pay for the car behind me also. I was pleased to note that they said “Sure, no problem,” without even a momentary hesitation. Hopefully I wasn’t the only one to have asked that before.

As we were waiting for our order I noticed the woman behind us was having what appeared to be a rather heated conversation with someone on the phone. She had her money out in her hand, ready to pay, but she seemed very distracted by her conversation. If she was having a bad morning, or received some difficult news, I hope the surprise of a free breakfast might have made things a little bit better. And who knows, maybe she offered to pay for the car behind her to keep the kindness going.

I’m really glad I finally got to check this one off my list.

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