Day 28 — The World Needs More Love Letters

Sharing love with others is as simple as writing a letter
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As a writer, I am drawn to all things that involve words. I love reading. I love playing Words with Friends. I love finding the right combination of words to express my thoughts to whomever might be reading. So, when I stumbled upon an organization called The World Needs More Love Letters a few years ago, I was instantly smitten.

It is a simple and beautiful concept. People request letters for friends and family they care about who are going through a difficult time in their life. The reasons are varied, and often tinged with sadness. Life can be challenging at times. The unexpected can hit any of us at any moment and it’s up to us to choose how we react. Every person I’ve read about on their website has chosen to fight and survive.

There are short biographies of the people the organization is collecting letters for on their website. You choose whom you want to write to and do just that. You write a stranger a letter — a letter full of support or inspiration where you share your own story or that of someone you love. As you write, something amazing happens. You begin to heal.

I have always found writing to be cathartic. Putting the negative thoughts that swirl around in my head onto paper makes them lose their power. Putting the positive ones down amplifies them. It’s a magnificent thing to experience.

For today’s act of kindness, I wrote a letter to someone I don’t know. It will be bundled with countless others that arrive from across the country, and maybe even from across the globe, and given to this person as a physical representation of the love and support that is all around us. It’s a reminder that even people we don’t know are willing to take the time to show they care. We are not alone. We all share similar experiences. Connections exist in a world that often feels quite isolating. How cool it is that a simple letter can do all that?

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