Day 27 — Gumball Machines

These days, gumball and other similar candy vending machines are difficult to find
Photo courtesy of Maureen Churchill

When I was a kid there were gumball and other candy vending machines inside the entrances of many stores. I remember the excitement I felt when my parents would give me a few coins I could use to get bubble gum or one of those plastic containers with a little toy inside. It was so much fun to see what would come out of the machine.

Today, gumball and other similar candy vending machines are difficult to find. If you look around for them you'll discover that they usually aren’t there anymore. Luckily, I stumbled upon some when I was at the mall and it gave me an idea for todays act of kindness. I dug out all the quarters I could find in my purse and fed as many of the gumball and candy machines as I could. I also left little notes on them that said:

“You just received a Random Act of Kindness. Pay it forward and have a beautiful day!”

My son was with me and was especially excited to help with this project. He took time making sure we fed coins into the machines that had the “best” candy. He also helped me leave the notes. It’s rewarding for me to see him engage in these activities and want to help.

I like to imagine what it would feel like to be a kid and walk into the mall to see the gumball machines primed and ready for you to choose something. I wish we had been able to stick around and watch to see someone find them. It’s my hope that we provided a lot of smiles and a great story for someone to tell. “You won’t believe what I found at the mall today!”

And maybe, if I’m lucky, someone will read the note and decide to do what it asks. Maybe they will pay it forward. That would be the ultimate gift for me, to see other people use one of my acts of kindness as inspiration to do something for someone else. Hopefully today's act of kindness will extend out past the gumball machines in the mall. Kindness has an amazing way of rippling outward when we let it.

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