Day 26 — The Shopping Cart

This act of kindness wasn't planned
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My act of kindness for today was all planned out. I was going to pay for the car behind me at whatever parking deck I ended up at when I arrived downtown for the Durham Bulls game. I have been wanting to revisit the idea of paying for the person behind me. It failed the last time I tried it because no one pulled into the drive thru behind me. I felt confident that wouldn’t happen this time.

We arrived about a half hour after the game had started. When we entered the parking deck we discovered that the attendant was gone, and that parking was now free. There was no act of kindness for me to do. I had been thwarted again. I started thinking back through my day to see if I had another act of kindness I could use. Turns out I did.

Earlier in the morning, as I walked into the grocery store, I noticed there were no carts inside the doors. It was completely empty. Apparently, no one had gone out to get them and return them to their holding area. So, I turned around and headed back to the parking lot to get one from the cart return area.

As I was leaving I saw an older woman walking in the doors. She was slightly unsteady on her feet and moving slowly. I mentioned there were no carts in the store and I watched confusion and then disappointment pass across her face. She had figured out she was about to have to go find a cart of her own from the parking lot.

I told her I would be happy to grab a cart for her since I was headed to get my own. A look of relief and a kind smile was all the thanks I needed. I headed outside and grabbed two carts. Turns out, it’s rather awkward to push two carts at once but I was glad to do it for her. She was very appreciative when I returned and handed one over to her. So much so that she continued to chat with me well into the produce area.

It was a small thing to me, but it meant so much to her. I had done it and not even thought to use it for my act of kindness today. Now that I think back, it makes me feel good to know doing something kind is becoming an automatic response. I didn’t even think of it as an act of kindness. It just felt like the right thing to do. Maybe this whole project is impacting me in more ways than I had thought.

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