Day 23 — Popsicles

Sometimes simple things mean the most
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Even though there are still a few more days until the official start of summer, we are already in full summer mode at our house. The school year is behind us, and we have moved on to weeks filled with fun summer activities, including several camps.

This week is my son’s first full week at camp and he’s been having a great time. It got me wondering if there was some act of kindness I could do related to camp. I thought about it for a while and finally had a flash of inspiration about what I wanted to do. ​

Today was my day to pick my son up. I emailed the teachers and asked if it would be alright if I arrived a little early and brought popsicles for the kids to enjoy. I was answered with an enthusiastic “yes,” so my plan was set.

I arrived at camp armed with a selection of frozen treats. When the children discovered why I was there I realized just how much of a good idea this was. Eyes got wide with surprise, smiles appeared, and they couldn’t wait to get a cold and delicious treat. They all picked a flavor and headed outside to enjoy them. It was wonderful to watch them sit in the sunshine and chat and enjoy the simple pleasure of a popsicle.

As I get older I find myself drawn more and more to the simple pleasures in life. I remember being a child and loving it when my mom had cold popsicles for us at the end of a long, hot day of playing. I was glad to be able to recapture a little bit of that magic today for my son and his classmates. Acts of kindness don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes simple things mean the most.

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