Day 22 — Graduation Celebration and the Half Way Point

Decorating becomes an act of kindness
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Today marks the official halfway point on my journey toward 43 acts of kindness. It feels like I reached this point very quickly — three weeks has flown by. Some days it’s been challenging to find the time to write about this journey, but the acts themselves have woven themselves seamlessly into my life. Kindness is a habit that you can practice and, eventually, it becomes almost instinctual to look for ways to be kind to others.

Today was a fun act of kindness for me. A friend of mine was celebrating the graduation of her youngest son. After the ceremony they were planning to eat a meal together at a local restaurant with all their friends and family who were in town for the special occasion. She wanted to decorate the room with pictures and memorabilia from his life but didn’t have time to do it. The restaurant wouldn’t be open until after the ceremony had started. That’s where I came in.

On my lunch break I filled my car with everything she had collected and wanted to display, including a very large bunch of balloons, and headed over to the restaurant. Together with another friend I brought along for help, we decorated and personalized the space for the party. We set out pictures and trophies and newspaper articles for everyone to look at. It was a celebration of the graduate’s accomplishments and a way to reminisce about his childhood and high school career before heading off to college this fall.

I got a text after they arrived at the restaurant and apparently both she and her son were thrilled with the room. She said he was “beaming” and that is all I needed to hear. I know she was grateful not to have to worry about setting up the room, so she could just be present and enjoy watching her son walk across that stage. I was honored to have played a small part in his special day.

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