Day 19 — Book Harvest Open Book Sort

Volunteers are welcome the second Saturday of each month
Photo courtesy of Maureen Churchill

On the second Saturday of each month, Book Harvest opens its doors and invites volunteers in to help with an open book sort. Volunteers go through the books that have been donated and sort them into different categories: board books, picture books, easy chapter books and teen/young adult books. Once separated, they are boxed up and made ready for distribution throughout the community.

Earlier this week, I volunteered with Book Harvest for its Books on Break program. I'm fortunate that the company I work for allowed me to leave work to spend a morning helping this fine organization. However, it was also important to me to participate in the open book sort because my husband, Jeff, and son, Ryan, could go with me. It can be challenging to find volunteer opportunities for families to participate in together, and I knew this was perfect. It just so happened that today was the only second Saturday I had available during in my 43 days of kindness project, so the three of us grabbed our donation, jumped in the car and headed to Book Harvest.

After we arrived and dropped off our donation, we got to work. We grabbed a large box of books from a pile that needed to be sorted and began something of a production line. I took the books out of the box, Jeff added Book Harvest stickers to each one and Ryan looked at the books for the purpose of sorting them into the appropriate piles.

There were many other volunteers in the room with us, all working away. It was a nice feeling to be doing something together, as a family. Jeff and I both strongly believe in the importance of reading and try to model that for our son. It was also good to show him how we can help other children who don’t have access to books by giving our time to this organization.

We love that Book Harvest is working to get books into the hands of children who might not have them otherwise. Reading opens doorways to new ideas, new dreams and new possibilities. That’s something all our children deserve.

Here is a little more information from the Book Harvest website:

"Our twice-monthly open book sorts are open to volunteers of all ages (youth volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult). They are held on the second Saturday and fourth Tuesday of every month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Drop-ins are welcome — no need to register in advance. You are welcome to stay for as little or as much of the book sort as you’d like, and there is no orientation or special knowledge required to participate. Just show up, and we’ll help you get started!"

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