Creating Balance That Works for You and Your Family

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I am so excited to be the Balance Expert working with the two Spotlight Families in the Fit Family Challenge. I have read their entry forms, and they seem so willing to make changes that will positively impact their entire families. I love helping others evaluate, redefine and live a happy balanced life and they seem very eager for the challenge!

With each of the families, my first goal is to sit down with them and to see how their current life looks so I can help them implement the changes they are ready to make. My goal is to help them create a healthier, more active lifestyle that works for them. When they decide what changes they are ready to make, I can help them connect the dots from where they are now to where they want to be.  By setting goals and taking small conscious steps to create something different, they can truly make their family life exactly what they want it to be. They can be fit, healthy and happy.

Creating balance and harmony is not achieved from a one-size fits-all approach. Each family has a different definition of balance and joy, and it’s important for family members to decide their main goals as a family. As a coach, I like to challenge them but also help them create realistic goals they can sustain permanently. For every family, the goals and steps will be different based on each family’s unique characteristics, hopes and dreams.  Of course, the family dynamic and family values will also play a part in determining what each family needs to focus on. They need to be realistic about what will work for their family. They get to decide on the changes they want to make. They get to do the work. And they get to receive the benefits!

I am so honored to be able to work with people who want to create a better life, and if you are reading this and want to do the same, think about the following questions as you begin to evaluate your current lifestyle. By answering the questions, you can determine your own values, create your own goals and implement the steps to create your own fit family.


Is being fit and healthy important to you and your family?

Are you currently making choices and living your life based on these characteristics?

How can you be true to your family’s unique needs and values while implementing changes?

What small steps can you begin so as to create positive changes for your family?

Where are there discrepancies between where you are and where you want to be?

What things seem to be working best for you and your family?

What things seem to create the most challenges or struggles?

What changes can you make so your entire family is better aligned with your family ideals?

Are you ready to make the changes?

I have a free balance quiz on my website at that will help guide you and your family to create your ideal balanced life.  It will help you determine what is most important, see where you are out of alignment and show you exactly where you need to make changes.

Enjoy the journey!

Coach Gaye

Gaye Esser is a Life Coach and owner of Redefine Balance.  She is a certified graduate of Coach U and works with moms and families to find their own unique balance and happiness from the inside out. She is the author and creator of several coaching programs including “Complete with Kids,” a 12-step program designed to help you redefine balance after having children. Connect with Gaye at and!

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