Crafty Christmas Breakfast

Fun and easy ways to make a festive Christmas breakfast for the whole family!

During the holidays everything seems to be rushed – crazed trips to the mall for forgotten gifts, late nights wrapping said forgotten gifts, cooking, cleaning, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes it is nice to plan a little time to be goofy. So I, of course, have some fun ways to be a little goofy with your Christmas breakfast!

These tips are perfect for a lazy family brunch on Christmas morning, appetizers with friends or treats for Santa. You can make this as simple, or as complicated, as you want. Nearly everything can be made ahead of time or on the fly with help from your little ones. You'll need only a few key items, and you may even find that you already have almost everything in your kitchen.

Dressing up Donuts

Snowman Donuts 

Making a snowman donut is easier than you may think and cute as can be!


Mini powdered donuts

Mini chocolate chips

Orange candy (Mike & Ike or Jelly Beans)


Place all of your donuts on a platter or serving tray. Arrange two mini chocolate chips (pointy side down) as eyes right above the center of each donut, then add four mini chocolate chips (pointy side down) as the mouth at the bottom of each donut. Finally, add one orange candy as a nose in the center of each donut and voila, you have a whole crew of adorable snowman donut!

The beauty of the Snowman Donut is that you can make them the night before and simply keep them in an airtight container until your crew is ready to devour them.


Reindeer Donuts 

An adorable reindeer donut is almost as easy to make as snowman donuts and twice as cute.  I will warn you that they do take a bit more work, and in my case, a lot more patience. đź™‚


Mini chocolate donuts

Small twist pretzels

Marshmallow bits

Red candy (Skittles or M&Ms)


First, you will need to turn the twist pretzels into antlers, which is a bit challenging. The easiest way to do this is to warm a couple of pretzels in the microwave for 30 seconds and carefully cut them with a small serrated knife. Insert each half of the cut pretzels as antlers into the top of the donuts. Then place your marshmallow bits above the center of each donut as the eyes and a red candy nose smack dab in the middle, and you’re done.

You can make your Reindeer Donuts ahead of time, but the pretzel antlers may get a bit chewy.


Fruity Santa Hats

Strawberry Santa Hat 

It is an unfortunate fact that most Christmas treats are loaded with sugar, so it is nice to have a healthy and fun alternative the whole family will love. 


Fresh strawberries (washed with the stem removed)

Small banana slices

Mini marshmallows

Green grapes



Arrange your banana slices on a platter, place one strawberry on top of each banana slice and insert a toothpick through the center of both, leaving ¼ inch of the toothpick sticking out from the banana. Place a single green grape on the toothpick below the banana, and finally, add a mini marshmallow to the top of the toothpick.

Your Strawberry Santa Hats are best made shortly before they will be eaten since bananas tend to brown quickly, and the marshmallow will become a bit soggy.

Festive French Toast

Who doesn’t love homemade French toast for breakfast? One of the easiest ways to turn any breakfast treat into a delicious Christmas treat is with a cookie cutter.  Simply make your favorite French Toast recipe, and use any Christmas cookie cutter to turn them into festive shapes. 

TIP:  Don’t waste the scraps!  Instead, cut them into bite size pieces, drop them into a small baking dish, add a little butter pour over your favorite syrup, bake on 350* for 8-10 minutes and you have a Mini French Toast casserole.

Whether you get super crafty or simply break out a few holiday cookie cutters for your French Toast or Pancakes, I hope you have a goofy and easy holiday breakfast!

Until next time,


aka Chick #1

Originally published Dec. 4, 2015

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