Craft: Recycle Household Items into Holiday Ornaments

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The holiday season is the perfect time to get creative with kids. Whether they make handmade gifts, décor or seasonal projects just for fun, crafting is a great way to celebrate and spend time together. To create more meaningful projects, it is sometimes a great idea to use recycled items from around the house for your masterpieces. From my fun days in the elementary school classroom as a teacher to my many years of being a room mom and Girl Scout volunteer, here are four of my favorites for this time of year that can be done with kids.

Bottle Snowman

Supply List:bottle-snowman-front-lk.jpg

* Glass Bottle/Jar with Lid (Starbucks Frap Bottles Are Fabulous)

* White and Black Paint

* Fast Grab Grab Tacky Glue

* Buttons, Ribbon, Googley Eyes

Paint a white snowman on the jar. Kids like to also add snowflakes with their fingerprints of paint. Let it dry.

Paint the lid black and add buttons if you want to create a hat.

Add ribbon for a scarf and buttons for details. If you have googley eyes, they are fun too.

Ta Da! This little guy is fun to fill up with candies, treats or hot cocoa mix.


Button Tree Ornamentbutton-tree-in-tree-lk.jpg


Green Buttons, Brown Buttons and Yellow Button (Laura Kelly For Buttons Galore and More)

* Scissors

* Yellow Embroidery Floss

* Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Create two button stacks, one with the green buttons and one with the brown. Let them dry.

Glue the button stacks together and glue the yellow one to the top of the green stack standing up. Let Dry.

Thread yellow embroidery floss through the yellow button to create a hanger.

Ta Da…So adorable and fun.

Wax Paper and Crayon Tree Decoration


* Crayons (Green, Brown and Yellow)

* Grater

* Wax Paper

* Iron

* Fast Grab Tacky Glue

* Red Buttons

* Hole Punch Ribbon for Hanger

Remove the paper from the crayons and grate them.

Spread the grated wax to create the shape similar to a Christmas Tree.

Put another layer of wax paper on top and melt the crayon shavings with an iron. Let it cool.

Cut it into the shape of a tree.

Add buttons for ornaments with the glue.

Punch a hole and add a ribbon to hand it up. LOVELY!!!


felt-wrap.jpgPaper Towel Role Gift Wrap


* Felt

* Ribbon

* Paper Towel or TP Tube

* Fast Grab Tacky Glue

* Buttons

Put your gift or money in the tube.

Roll the tube in the felt and tie the ends with ribbon

Glue buttons on to decorate.

Wah-Lah! It creates a fancy fun gift.

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