Craft Clay Heart Beads for Valentine's Day

Photos courtesy of Laura Kelly

I believe that February is the best month for creating handmade items to give as gifts. After all, it is the month we celebrate our many Valentines whether they are romances or friends. Kiddos learn early about this exchange of love notes and special surcees. When children have the opportunity to create their own masterpieces, the value in the giving is multiplied. Crafting together with your children creates a fantastic time to talk and share authentically while the focus is on the project and not so much on current issues.

This project is great for kids with anxiety issues. The molding of clay can be very calming and has proven to be successful for kids who experience stress. While some art projects can actually make kids with anxiety feel worse, clay is a great one to build self-esteem.

Items Needed

Sculpey Bake Shop Clay
Twine for stringing


Sculpt beads with hands. Put a whole through the center.  I used the end of a paintbrush. Bake according to directions. String and wear.

Provided by North Carolina artist Laura Kelly, creator of Laura Kelly Designs. Find more of her crafts at


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