Craft a Cheery Mother’s Day Flower

Home Flower

Surprise Mom — or Grandma — with a lovely flower that uses the kids’ handprints. This Mother’s Day keepsake is sure to bring a smile to her face.


•Coordinating colors of craft foam, scrapbook paper or construction paper
• Photo of your child or children
• Scissors, ruler, pencil
• Paint stir stick
• Tacky craft glue and glue gun (with parental supervision)


1. Trace your child’s hand onto a sheet of paper or foam and trim it out. Repeat with your choice of colors to make a total of eight handprints.

2. Measure and cut a 6-inch square of craft foam for your backing.

3. Arrange handprints in a circle on top of the square, leaving space in the middle for your photo. Once you are satisfied with the placement, glue each handprint in place.

4. Cut out a 5-inch circle of yellow (or another color) craft foam for your flower’s center.

5. Trace a slightly smaller circle on your photo, trim it out and glue it in the center of the yellow circle. Then glue the yellow circle piece in the center of the handprints.

6. Cover the paint stir stick with green foam or paper and attach the stem to the back of the flower. (Using a glue gun is the quickest way to complete this step.) Add additional leaves to the stem for decoration, if desired. Finish your keepsake flower by adding “Mother’s Day 2013” with a fine-tip permanent marker.

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