Cozy Up With a Hot Fashion Trend: Leg Warmers


They’re not just for dancers or 1980s wannabees anymore. We’re talking about leg warmers, and January is the perfect time to cozy up to a pair. They’ve been hitting store shelves in a big way.

No longer are leg warmers the aerobics class accessory so ubiquitous in the 1980s. (But it’s certainly OK to wear them to a Zumba or Pilates class!) They’re fun, functional fashion accessories. Pair them with boots, tights, skinny jeans or bare legs.

There are many ways to showcase them, depending on your own style and comfort level. Wear them beneath a pair of boots so they peak out above. Pull them down over a shoe of the same color to give the illusion of a boot and help elongate your legs. Pair them with ballet flats or let them fall below the ankle of a high-heeled shoe. If you’re still unsure, check out style magazines for inspiration.

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