Cool New Gift Ideas from the 2014 ABC Kids Expo


The 2014 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year did not disappoint. There were so many cool new products for babies, toddlers and kids and updates to some of your old favorites, not to mention the introduction of some very popular products from around the globe. Thankfully many of the best items introduced at the ABC Kids Expo this year are already available for purchase for the holidays.

Here are some of my top Holiday Must-Haves for the parents to be, babies and kids on your shopping list:

Siliskin Straw Top
For parents who are on the go with a growing toddler, you may find yourself in a restaurant without a kid friendly or to go cup for the little one. Enter the Siliskin Straw Tops. These ingenious dishwasher safe contraptions stretch over the top of nearly any cup to create a super tight seal so that when you pop in a straw you can be sure that your little one won’t spill their drink. What’s even better is that they take up almost no space in your diaper bag, and we know that is worth a lot of moms on the go.
$8.95 for a set of 3

Photo courtesy of Silikids

Chewbead Pacifier Clip
The ever-popular Chewbeads have come out with the perfect gift item for your littlest baseball fan, the MLB ‘Where’s the Pacifier?’ Clip. These cute and chewable pacifier clips come with your favorite MLB team logos and will make the perfect stocking stuffer for your baby or daddy to be. Like everything from Chewbeads, your little one will be able to safely chew on these adorable pacifier clips.

Photo courtesy of Chewbead

Monster Hats
One of the most popular baby accessories these days are knit hats and headbands, and what could be better than a cute and colorful cozy knit hat from a company with a purpose. Kahiniwalla is on a mission to provide employment for the poor of Bangladesh and distribute handmade Fair Trade products, each of which tells a story. They have created an adorable line of monster hats, which make the perfect gift for little ones up to 5 yrs and even have matching rattles!

Photo courtesy of Kahiniwalla

Love to Dream Swaddle Up
Anyone who has gone shopping for a swaddler knows that there are no less than 50 varieties to choose from and many of them seem nearly identical, until now. The new Love to Dream swaddler is truly unique in that it allows your little one to sleep in their most natural position, with their arms up. This allows your little one to self-sooth by rubbing their cheek while remaining snuggly swaddled. What’s even better is that the arms are removable. You can zip off one or both for thumb suckers or when you are transitioning out of the swaddler. It is simply perfect.

Photo courtesy of Love to Dream

Retro Baby Closet Dividers
When you are setting up a nursery, every last detail counts which is why I love these adorable new Little Animal Lover Closet Dividers from Lucy Darling. Keeping little clothes organized in your nursery closet is key to maintaining your sanity when you’re reaching for your 4th outfit of the day! At under $25, these retro fashion statements make the perfect gift for mommy to be.


Photo courtesy of Lucy Darling

Baby Bjorn
We One of my favorite things to do when my boys were little was to wear them in my BabyBjorn while we were out and about. And boy do I wish the new BabyBjorn We was around back then. This new baby carrier can not only be worn in front or in back, but you can also safely move baby from the front to the back while still in the carrier – seriously. The new We is also at a fabulous price point just under $120.
Photo courtesy of Baby Bjorn

GB Zuzu
When it comes to picking a stroller that is easy to travel with, the ease of folding is key. The new gb Zuzu takes the compact fold to a new level, it actually folds up to the size of a toddler car seat and is just as easy to carry. The Zuzu is also light, so carrying it really is easy and folded it fits inside your travel car seat bag.

Photo courtesy of gb

Monsters Beware!
Finally, a way to ward off the monster under the bed! Monster Defense is a cute line of products for any little one who is worried about scary, scary monsters. There is a book to read at bedtime and brave spray to protect the room for hours. Written by two parents who were willing to try just about anything to rid the house of monsters, this book is a must have to cure monster phobia.

Photo courtesy of Monster Defense

Ride on Suitcase
That’s right, the trunki is a ride on suitcase for your kids! These adorable suitcases have been a huge hit across Europe and are making their way to the US so that our little ones can have just as much fun traveling. Not only will you be able to keep your kids clothes, toys and accessories organized on the go, you can pull them and their suitcase around the airport for fun, and faster, runs between gates.

Photo courtesy of trunki

I hope these awesome products help to put a smile on your favorite little one’s face and make your life just a little easier. Enjoy your holiday shopping!

— By Jennifer Durbin. Read more of her advice in her Carolina Parent blog, The Clueless Chick.

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