Conservators’ Center Teaches Kids How to Care for Exotic Animals


The Conservators’ Center near Mebane is launching a new tour aimed at showing children what it’s like to care for exotic animals. Shadow the Keepers tours are led by an animal keeper who takes a small group of participants around the compound to watch the other keepers at work.

The next Shadow the Keepers tour is Saturday, June 11, 2011, for ages 6-11 and Saturday, June 25, 2011, for ages 12 and older. Tours are divided into two age groups to ensure they are age-appropriate.

“Shadow the Keepers is exciting for children because they get to meet and talk with our animal keepers,” says Mandy Matson, volunteer animal keeper and tour guide at the Conservators’ Center.

Kids get to fix food bowls for lemurs and watch keepers offer it to the animals. They leave with new knowledge about animals and the center, Matson says.

Cost is $20 per person, $15 for Pride Members and $10 for Lifetime Adopters. Register for tours by age at

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