Colorful Backpacks, Free Math Apps and Positive Parenting

Fyi Picks 3 Math Apps

3 Free Math Apps
Watch Khan Academy videos via your smartphone to learn how to do differential equations and much more. and
Mathmateer Free for grades pre-K-6 enables kids to design their own rocket and fly to the stars while learning about math.
Mental Math Free Practice multiplication, learn how to simplify problems and try different operations in three difficulty levels. and

Planet Middle School
“Planet Middle School” by New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman (Revell, $17.99), offers advice for parents whose child, once sweet and loving, has started acting as though she came from another planet upon entering these intense years. Leman writes about ways you can respond but not react to drama, identify signs that your child is struggling, protect your child from online predators and use positive parental expectations in ways that foster the good things in your child.

Blasts From the Past
Two popular brands from the 1970s — Trapper Keeper and Star Wars — have joined “forces” to help students stay organized this school year. The Star Wars line covers products ranging from binders to notebooks and includes six designs featuring popular characters such as Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C-3PO. Learn more at


Packing Color
Time for a new backpack? Vera Bradley has unveiled a new collection of leather, faux leather and denim backpacks with a variety of functionalities. Vera Bradley’s popular fabric collections remain on-trend as well. Choose from different models, such as the Lighten Up Grande Backpack ($98), Tech Backpack ($108), Ultimate Backpack ($108) and Campus Backpack ($138). Learn more at

Creative Posts
Post-it Brand is offering fun and convenient back-to-school tools to help students organize their notes and assignments using bursts of color and creativity. Students can now purchase Post-it Notes in patterns, stars, hearts and other creative shapes and styles. Learn more at



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