When researching schools for your child, consider that the Wake County Public School System hosts more than 20 magnets in 40+ schools, the majority of which receive recognition from the Magnet Schools of America each year. These programs encourage students to think creatively and analytically to solve problems, while diverse student body populations enable students to explore their world from a different perspective.

Whether your child enjoys STEM, language immersion, or wants to participate in more of an interactive community, the magnet program has educational opportunities designed to enrich the unique strengths and interests of students. Below is an overview of the different magnet programs and their participating schools.

Design and Computer Sciences or Entrepreneurial Design
Students use state-of-the-art technology, including robotics and 3D printers, to engage in hands-on, project-based learning with real-world applications.
Participating Schools: Bugg or Conn magnet elementary schools

International Studies
Teachers have four guiding concepts: recognizing perspectives, investigating the world, taking action and communicating ideas while students receive daily study in a world language.
Participating Schools: Wiley Magnet Elementary School

Students learn science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in ways that make learning fun, working together to solve real-world problems.
Participating Schools: Brentwood Magnet Elementary School

Play and Ingenuity
Teachers will use game-like learning to teach students about strategy, cooperation, communication skills and problem solving. In grades K-2, learning happens through play-based experiences. In grades 3-5, students learn through game design and prototyping.
Participating Schools: Powell Magnet Elementary School

International Baccalaureate
This internationally-recognized program of study is recognized worldwide for its rigor and high academic standards.
Participating Schools: Farmington Woods, Fox Road and Smith magnet elementary schools

Leadership and World Languages
Students receive regular instruction in a foreign language. They also learn leadership skills modeled on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”
Participating Schools: Combs and Green Magnet schools

Interactive Community
Students focus on experiences that develop sense of community, both inside and outside the school building.
Participating Schools: Partnership Magnet Elementary School

Environmental Connections
Students will have daily hands-on opportunities to investigate and connect with the natural world.
Participating Schools: Lincoln Heights and Millbrook magnet elementary schools

Gifted and Talented
Students can choose from a wide array of electives, including Architecture, Theater Production, Coastal Ecology, Orchestra, Mystical Mythology, Robotics, and more than 100 others.
Participating Schools: Fuller, Hunter, Poe, Underwood, Washington and Zebulon magnet elementary schools.

Language Immersion
Students can become fluent in a second language, either Spanish or Mandarin, by receiving specialized classroom instruction.
Participating Schools: Stough (Mandarin), Jeffreys Grove (Spanish) and Hodge Road (Spanish) magnet elementary schools.

This educational approach offers a nurturing and supportive learning environment that develops the whole child, including social, emotional, academic, and physical needs.
Participating Schools: Kingswood Magnet Elementary

Through partnerships with local museums, arts center and government organizations, students are engaged in learning beyond the classroom walls.
Participating Schools: Brooks Magnet Elementary Schools

The next magnet application period begins January 2018. Visit wcpss.net/magnet to learn about more of the magnet programs and see a list of upcoming open houses and mini-fairs.


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