Chapel Hill Tween Warms Hospice Patients

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Leanne Joyce, a seventh-grader at Culbreth Middle School in Chapel Hill, has started a nonprofit called Positive Impact for Kids that provides children and teenagers receiving treatment at hospitals with wish list items from their wish lists. The initiative started when Leanne was in third grade and heard Duke HomeCare and Hospice’s blanket program was running low on funds for fleece.

“I thought it was such a special gift for children in a hospice program to receive these blankets, and I wanted to help the program to continue,” Leanne, 12, says.

She raised money by writing to friends and family about the cause, then shopped for the fleece and began making the blankets herself. She also raised money to buy a voice recorder so hospice patients could record their stories as a “gift of words” for family members.

Nominated as one of two Young Philanthropists of 2011 for North Carolina, Leanne also worked to raise money for the American Heart Association beginning in 2009 for three years.

Positive Impact for Kids raises money to pay for wish list items such as gift cards, iPads, gaming systems, painted mural ceilings in treatment rooms, and interactive playrooms. Make a donation at

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