Challenges and Successes of Fit Family Challenge


Both the Gomez and Ojala families are off to a great start in the Fit Family Challenge! With big changes, come some challenges, so we are working together as a team to help make things less overwhelming and more manageable. It can be a bit daunting when you decide to overhaul two big parts of your life (exercise and eating), so as coaches, we are trying to support them in the best way possible. Two big areas where we help are with goal setting and accountability. Both the Gomez and the Ojala families have their goals in place and are working hard to accomplish great things for their families. They are both making so many positive changes, and I am impressed with their drive and determination.

The Gomez family has already made huge shifts with one of their goals. The overall goal was to go from eating out 80 percent of the time to eating in 80 percent of the time.  That means they will go from eating out roughly 17 times a week to eating out only four times per week. At my last check-in, they were already eating in 50 percent of the time, so that is a huge accomplishment!  Great job!

The Ojala family has been doing very well with getting out and exercising. The family will go to the park together and the kids will play while Stacy and Ben walk.  Doing this together not only gives everyone the benefit of getting some exercise, it also sends a message to the kids that overall health is important for their family. Excellent accomplishment!

In setting these goals, it is important to celebrate the successes along the way. I hope both families and all of the families following along really appreciate each step you take toward reaching your overall goals. Every step gets you closer to the desired results, so acknowledge that. Each family has different priorities, and it is great to see the unique ways each family is taking on the challenge and implementing changes into their lives. Not only are they noticing improvements in what they eat and how much time they spend exercising, but by talking about family priorities, their overall communication is improving as well.

As a parent, sometimes it can be hard to take time for yourself and to put yourself on the priority list, but when you are happy and healthy, your whole family gets the benefits! Give yourself permission to be happy, healthy and joyful and let go of the guilt! It is important to always take care of yourself so you can be the best parent possible.  Eat healthy food, exercise and enjoy your life!

Some key tips to help along the way are:

  1. Find what works for your family.
  2. Set reasonable goals and break them into smaller tasks so you can track progress.
  3. Celebrate the wins.
  4. Do things that you and your family enjoy.
  5. Track how you feel before and after you take time for yourself.
  6. Have open communication.

Give yourself credit for what you do as a parent!  You deserve to be happy.

Enjoy the journey,

Coach Gaye

Pictured are Evie Houtz on the right with Katherine Gomez and her oldest son. Photo courtesy of Melissa Hayes Photography

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