Celebrating Dad!

Fathers Day Ideas

It’s June, so you know what that means – it is time to start planning for Father’s Day! You know, I’ve always had a theory that Father’s Day is the month after Mother’s Day to give Dad a chance to wow you on Mother’s Day so that you’ll do the same for him on Father’s Day 😉

Your little ones’ daddy is one special guy, so treating him like a King on Father’s Day is just a no-brainer. You don’t have to do anything too elaborate or spend an exorbitant amount of money, all you need is a little time and a lot of love. So what’s the best way to celebrate dad on father’s day? Here are some of my favorite ideas:

DIY Gifts
Making Dad a gift for Father’s Day is just plain fun. You and the kids will have a great time crafting, and Dad will cherish the gift. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be the craftiest person to put together a fabulous gift.

-Handy Dad
   Do you have a Dad in your life who does a lot of woodworking or acts as the neighborhood handy man? Make him a personalized hammer! Just pick up a hammer at your local hardware store and let the kids paint the wooden handle. Once they are done painting, cover the handle with a thin layer of clear lacquer.


-Dad with a Sweet Tooth
   Is Dad a big fan of Reeses Pieces? Then make him a Reese’s Pieces-filled jar that says “Love You to Pieces!” Simply pick up a candy jar, mason jar or really any glass container and alphabet stickers and start sticking!

-Grilling Dad
   If Dad loves to grill, why not make him some homemade spices or meat rubs? A quick Google search will give you lots of easy recipes that you can throw together with spices you already have in your cupboard.

-A Picture for Dad
   Create an adorable picture for Dad to cherish. Take a picture of your little ones wearing Daddy’s clothes! Put your daughter in his dress shirt or have your son wear his favorite tie or dress shoes.

-A Bouquet for Dad
   Does Dad always buy you a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day? Then why not make him a dad bouquet for Father’s Day!? Tape all of dad’s favorite candy on lollipop sticks, arrange sticks in a bucket or paint can filled with floral foam and you’ve got a bouquet Dad will love!

Gifts to Get
If you’re just not up for a Father’s Day craft or you’ve simply run out of time, here are some great unique gift ideas for any dad!

-Matching ties for father and son
   A fun twist on the traditional gift of a tie that dad will actually like. Buy dad a pair of ties, one for him and a matching one for his little man!

-New Gear
   Is Dad athletic? Why not refresh some of his worn out gear? If Dad is a big golfer, pick up a new club or set of nice golf balls. If he’s a boxer, buy him a new set of gloves or shoes.

   Give Dad a day out – get him tickets to his favorite sporting event or show. You can even coordinate with Dad’s best friend’s wife to get tickets for the guys to go together.

Fabulous Free Gifts
If you are on a tight budget, and are not much of a crafter there are some fun and free (or free-ish) ways to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day and no, I’m not just talking about a coupon booklet! Great gifts don’t have to break the bank. With a little planning and some creativity you can give a fabulous free gift:

-Wash his car.
-Tie an “OK, you can have the remote all day” note to the TV remote.
-If there is a house rule that Dad is not a fan of? Ban it for a day. (One day of putting your feet on the couch likely won’t kill anyone.)
-Cook his favorite dinner or serve his favorite dessert FOR dinner.
-Schedule an afternoon nap for him.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day, remember to have fun with it. Family celebrations are always the most fun when everybody is enjoying themselves.

Don’t forget daddy-to-be; it is his first Father’s Day!

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