Carolina Parent Connects You to Your Community

Accessing family-friendly events in your town is easier than ever
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Photo courtesy of the Town of Holly Springs
Holly Springs is just one of many communities new residents are moving to.

As the Triangle grows, and new residents move into communities across the region, Carolina Parent is making it a top priority to connect you, our readers, to your community. We know you're busy parenting, working and enjoying life here. We understand that you want to get a feel for what each community has to offer in terms of amenities, education resources and family-friendly events. 

That's why we've created a COMMUNITIES tab on our main menu. Just hover over it to find your community, then click on it to read a brief summary of the town or city, and to link to family-friendly events taking place there. We've also created a "Let's Go: What's Happening in Your Town" page. (See the arrows in the below screen shot of our home page.)

Keep in mind, these pages are a work in progress. We'll add more content to each page as we discover new information we think you'll be interested in. We've already curated thousands of Triangle-based resources in our directories, so we'll work on adding links to the listings that provide information about resources located in your town.

We're also updating our weekend e-newsletter to offer links to events happening in your town so you can find out what's going on as you plan fun-filled excursions with your family. You'll see this in our Weekend Family Fun Planner that goes out tomorrow evening! (Subscribe here, if you haven't already.) It looks like this, which is also what you'll see on our website (click on the image below to get to that page).

Thanks for reading our print magazine and website content, following us on social media and keeping in touch with us. Please let us know if there are other ways we can offer you a more community-friendly digital experience. As the Triangle's most trusted parenting resource, we take this job very seriously and continue to look for ways we can improve.


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