Carolina Children’s Museum Coming to Holly Springs

Part of their mission will be to educate kids on their local ecosystems
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The Carolina Children’s Museum is on its way to becoming a reality in Holly Springs. 

Upon moving to the area with her husband and son in 2014, museum founder Kirsten Pierce recognized a need for an indoor-outdoor, nature-focused facility in rapidly-growing southwestern Wake County where children could play and explore.

The museum's mission statement establishes that its overall goal is “to nurture educational connections between children, their families, the community and the environment through interactive and hands-on play.” 

Proponents of the museum hope to educate children about their local ecosystems. Outdoor exhibits will utilize naturally occurring elements in North Carolina’s landscape to create educational spaces that children can explore through play. Indoor exhibits would simulate the outdoor environment and teach children about North Carolina’s landscape, seasons and uniqueness through hands-on learning.

Pierce emphasizes that unscripted play and outdoor exploration are crucial elements in healthy child development, and cites these as opportunities that today’s children sometimes lack in what she perceives to be a structured, activity-oriented world. 

“We encourage children to reach their full potential as citizens by fostering understanding of positive environmental actions that have global impact,” she says. 

In 2018, the organization focused on community outreach and gaining nonprofit status. Its goals for 2019 include finding the right land on which to build the museum, and expanding the museum’s capital fundraising campaign. To learn more about the museum and its upcoming fundraising events, visit


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