Can Being Active Lead to Better Grades?

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It turns out getting our kids off the couch isn't just good for their overall health and well being. Researchers at the American College of Sports Medicine have reported that kids who perform well on physical fitness tests also make better grades in school. Previous studies have found a correlation between the two as well.

While there might be plenty of other factors that go into this good-grades equation, we all know that encouraging our kids to be healthy and well rounded is a good thing. And as Micheal Phelps has helped showed, getting involved in exercise might also bring added benefits to kids with ADHD, giving them an outlet for their energy and helping them learn to focus.

To help find some ways to get your kids active, check out our new Sports Directory for organizations still taking registrations for fall sports. But it doesn't have to be organized sports to get your kids out and about. Stacey Libbert has great ideas in her articles: Family Fun Runs and Disorganized Sports. And check out for more good ideas.