Book Harvest Graduates 29 Book Babies

Program also marks kindergarten readiness
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Photos courtesy of Book Harvest

On June 8, 29 young readers collected their diplomas at Durham’s W.G. Pearson Center in celebration of their five years of participation in Book Harvest’s Book Babies program, and also to mark their readiness for kindergarten. 

As part of the Book Babies program, each of the graduates and their parents received home visits from a staff member several times a year since their birth, along with 10 brand-new books during each visit. The families also took part in parent advocacy and support training, storytimes, and reflection dinners with other members of the Book Babies community. 

Photos courtesy of Book Harvest

Keynote speaker Mercedes McCurley, parent liaison for Durham Public Schools, encouraged the graduates to proudly say their names in honor of their accomplishments. The children and their families also enjoyed lunch and a piñata.

“My son, Adan, who is 5 years old now, has been participating in Book Babies since he was 2 weeks old,” says Abigail, a Book Babies mom and graduation ceremony speaker. “I still remember the first book they brought him It was black and white with mirrors without words. I remember when I was doing tummy time with Adan and I showed him the book. He was so interested in the book!”

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