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Best Bets: Mother's Day in the Triangle

Mother’s Day is closing in fast--it’s always the second Sunday in May, and this year that’s May 9. As a mom myself, I can say that mothers want to feel appreciated, loved and pampered, but we’re all different. As for…

'Golden Mummies of Egypt' Exhibit on Display

The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) is now displaying the exhibit “Golden Mummies of Egypt” from the Manchester Museum in England. This is the exhibition’s first appearance at an American art museum. On view through July 11, 2021, it…

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Are you a 'Bubble' Parent?

When did we become so overprotective we try to place our kids in a bubble? We were a generation of bikes with no helmets. I rode on my friend's handle bars. We drank from a hose and lived to tell…


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