Belarussian Children Celebrate Their Birthdays at Angus Barn

Raleigh-based Overflowing Hands behind event
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Photos courtesy of Christina Bowman Photography

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster 33 years ago not only had devastating effects on the environment, but also on the people of Russia. Each year, Raleigh-based nonprofit Overflowing Hands brings Belarussian children to the U.S. through its Belarussian Outreach Spectacular Summer program to get them away from lingering radiation and to help improve their health. 

Because of their family’s economic hardship, many of these children have never had a birthday party. On June 25, the Angus Barn in Raleigh gave more than 40 visiting Belarussian children a birthday bash featuring games and face painting. They also enjoyed cake and Angus Barn’s renowned cuisine with their chaperones and U.S. host families. During their visit, the children received medical and dental care, and took part in service projects and recreational activities.

Based in Raleigh, Overflowing Hands serves children locally, across the U.S. and around the world. More than 320 Belarussian children have benefitted from its services since 2006. It is estimated that six weeks away from the irradiated environment can add two years to these children’s lives. Learn more at

Photos courtesy of Christina Bowman Photography


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