Being Active When You Have Young Kids

Caring for a young child and finding time to be active can be a challenge. When you have small children, you have to take into account naps, snacks, meals, potty breaks, diaper changes, nursing breaks and other unforeseen obstacles. Though this may throw a wrench into your workout plans, being prepared and having options will keep you on track.

Yes, it would be easy to simply have someone watch your child while you are physically active, but that option isn’t always available, sometimes you have to take the kiddo(s) with you if you want to get your 60 minutes in that day. Though it won’t be easy,  it is possible and you will be showing your tot that physical activity is important.  Here are some ideas how you can make it happen:

  • Make the investment and purchase a  quality jogging stroller. By doing so, you will have the freedom to jog or hike while the little one enjoys the ride.  Browse Runner’s World Stroller Reviews.
  • Have a dance party with the kiddos!  Kids will enjoy seeing you dance and be silly while they’re being active too!
  • Use small children as part of the activity. Hold the child and do squats; as you lie on your back, push the child off your chest, etc.   The child will think it is a fun game, while you are getting a great full-body workout.
  • Check out, buy, or borrow exercise videos that you can do while the children are napping or asleep.  Some videos may even be suitable that child can join in or play as you workout.
  • Join a parent and tot activity class at your local gym or kids gym, the YMCA or. Gymboree.  Your area may also have programs such as Stroller Strides, where moms do strength training and cardiovascular exercise using their stroller.

Evie Houtz, a program specialist for Be Active Kids, previously worked as a personal trainer and Health Enhancement Director for the Chapel Hill-Carborro YMCA and now, at Be Active Kids, focuses on coordinating statewide campaigns to increase active play and physical activity for kids. In the past, she also worked for Be Active North Carolina and helped increase physical activity in elementary schools throughout North Carolina. Learn more about Be Active Kids at

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