Beginning Balance: Fit Family Challenge

It was great to be able to meet the Ojala and Gomez families, who seem so willing and eager to begin the Fit Family Challenge! For each family, we have created some doable action steps, so they can begin to make and implement positive changes into their lives while maintaining their ideal family balance. Although the families are different and their values and goals are not exactly the same, the steps to creating balance are similar for both.

It is important for their families to know what they value most so they can remain true to that vision during the challenge. We worked on getting each family realigned with its family values and expectations. Both families say they value being fit and healthy, but some choices they were making did not support that value. Our goal throughout the challenge will be to create better alignment between their values and the life choices they are making. Along with defining clear values, they began work on understanding their ideal balance. Once they become sure about where they want to be, the pathway is cleared to set goals that help support this mission.

For goal setting, we first had to define each goal. For example if the plan was to eat healthier, what does that really mean?  Does it mean eating more meals at home, and if so, how many? Does it mean using better ingredients or eating smaller portions, and how does that differ from what each family is doing currently? Tips from the health and fitness experts were useful for goal setting. Once the goals were clearly defined, we were able to break down their long-term goals for the entire two months of the challenge into smaller doable chunks. Like for weight loss, we looked at the overall goal, then broke that down into smaller goals for each week and each month. This approach not only helps with tracking progress but helps sustain motivation, too.

Being positive is also a big boost in a challenge like this one, so both families are going to try to pay attention to the times they say negative self-sabotaging things to themselves and change the negative message to something positive. For instance, if they say “I can’t do that,” they can change that to “I am fully capable of doing anything I set my mind to.” Or if something like “I am fat” shows up, they can change that to, “I take care of my body with exercise and I eat healthy foods that nourish my body.” By changing those thoughts, the families will change what they are able to create for themselves.

If you are following along at home:

  1. Define your family values and expectations and see where you are out of alignment.
  2. Set clear goals that support your values and break them down into smaller doable steps.
  3. Clear out the negative self-talk and replace it with something more positive. 

My overall plan is to help each family make positive changes that become part of a new healthier lifestyle. The challenge lasts two months, so the goal is to keep moving forward and create steps that are doable and sustainable for the long term. They won’t switch from eating 15 meals out a week to eating 15 meals at home overnight, they will do so over time in a balanced way.  Once the families can picture their new healthier life based on their own unique family values, the aim is to keep improving so they can reach their ultimate goals.

Enjoy the journey!

Coach Gaye

Gaye Esser is a Life Coach and owner of Redefine Balance.  She is a certified graduate of Coach U and works with Moms and Families to find their own happiness from the inside out.  She is the author and creator of several coaching programs including “Complete with Kids,” a 12-step program designed to help you redefine balance after having kids.  You can onnect with Gaye at, and!



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