Battle of the Sexes: What’s in My Diaper Bag?

Diaper Bag

I was pretty impressed with Triangle Stay at Home Dad’s diaper bag reveal. I mean, did you see how much Austin packs into his book bag? It’s insane. This guy could rival Survivor Man with his guy gear. I thought it would be interesting to do a his-versus-hers comparison in a battle of the diaper bags. Here are the contents of my diaper bag (from left to right):

Column 1: Not going to lie; I wipe down changing stations stem-to-stern with a Wet Ones antibacterial wipe before placing the changing pad down. I mean, that pad has to go back in my bag, you know? Next up is my OXO On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser, size 2 Pampers Swaddlers (multiple) and a travel tube of Desitin.

Column 2: All of her favorite, portable toys and teethers to keep her entertained on-the-go and stashed in a drawstring baggie to keep them from wandering in my bag. This includes the very chic Chewbeads Perry Necklace teething necklace that I sometimes wear! A first aid kit, Tylenol and tummy drops (kept in a baggie to prevent spills) completes my portable “medicine cabinet.” Below that are treats and eats: sippy cup, Munchkin Click Lock Deluxe Snack Catcher filled with Happy Puffs, Baby Mum-Mum rice rusks, Plum Organics baby food and spoon.

Column 3: My stuff! This is my purse too, after all. Cosmetic bag contains compact, nail file, hand lotion and sanitizer, floss, lipstick and pill case. Let’s not forget sunglasses for sunny days and eyeglasses for driving. Last but not least, this great Vera Bradley All in One Crossbody cell phone case/wallet/wristlet, which is great for when I just need to run in/run out of a store without all the gear.

Not pictured (because I forgot): phone, car keys, my favorite Green Sprouts Terry Bibs, an occasional Dr. Brown’s bottle (if we’ll be somewhere during a bottle time), and a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville beer koozie, bought in ’03 on a Key West Spring Break, which has since been reincarnated into a baby bottle koozie. I’m practical, too.

The diaper bag is The Hudson from Nest. From the gold rivets and hardware to the bright blue interior that makes it easy to find what I need, I love it all. I knew from the start I wanted a bag that looked like a purse that I would actually carry. Sorry oilcloth diaper bags, I’m just not that into you. The leather will hold up over time and when I no longer need to carry around a diaper bag, I’ve got a great looking weekender or laptop bag.

I’m feeling totally bored and uninspired with the contents of my diaper bag. SAHD, you win! 


Lauren Isaacs, mom of one and digital media specialist for Carolina Parent and, writes about everything that’s popular in modern motherhood. She also writes the Carolina Parent “Your Style” column. 

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