Backyard Flex Spaces to the Rescue

If your home is too small for living, working and school, a shed may be the answer.
Backyard flex spaces


So many of us are working and doing schoolwork from home because of COVID-19. And now a year later, it’s getting harder and harder to do all of these things in the same space. All of us can probably agree that a small break from all of the pandemic parenting we’ve done this year might be in order. But COVID-19 is still a thing, so we need to be safe. What’s an adult to do to get some alone time? Enter Studio Shed, a company specializing in prefabricated modern backyard structures to use as flex spaces. (See a prior project they did in Durham here.)

The pandemic has continued to change the way we live and work. More and more people curious about adding space to their homes have contacted Studio Shed. The company creates free-standing, custom-designed, prefabricated, modern backyard sheds for a variety of purposes. For each order, builders use recycled materials and high-efficiency glass engineered to create minimal waste. They can ship and create these spaces anywhere.

Studio Shed’s website has a fun, interactive design tool you can use to plan and price your dream structure. They start at around $11,000 and go up from there, depending on the size, features and finishes you choose. It’s fun to fiddle around with add-ons and colors and just dream a little whether you’re a serious buyer or not.

If the expense of such a project is a barrier, the company recently announced a partnership with Acorn Finance, a home improvement financing platform. The new feature allows customers to receive personalized, pre-qualified lending offers from multiple lenders within minutes, select a financing option, and purchase a Studio Shed in a simple, affordable way.

Ideas for your Studio Shed:

  • accessory dwelling units (ADUs)
  • home offices
  • home gyms
  • guest rooms
  • art studios
  • additional storage
  • homeschool learning pods
  • garages
  • greenhouses

How would you use one of these backyard flex spaces?

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