Avoiding the Money Squeeze

O Financial Help

Accessing medical and therapeutic care, purchasing equipment, or providing enrichment opportunities for a child with special needs is often as expensive as it is essential. Some equipment or services may not be covered by insurance or provided through the school or community support programs. At the same time, a family’s income may be greatly reduced if one parent gives up a job to care for their child.

If you’re being squeezed by the challenges of paying for equipment, services, or child care, you’re not alone. Below are some resources that may help you find financial assistance to ease the strain on your family’s budgetDisabilityResources.Org
A nonprofit network staffed by volunteers that provides an extensive online guide to resources, including disability-related financial information for individuals.

Information on disability programs and services in communities nationwide, with links to more than 14,000 resources and a searchable database of financial resources by region or condition.

Disabled Children’s Relief Fund (DCRF)
dcrf.com  •  516-377-1605
Nonprofit organization that helps children with disabilities obtain adaptive equipment, therapy and surgery, with special attention to those without adequate health insurance.

First in Families of North Carolina (FIFNC)
fifnc.org  •  919-251-8368
Nonprofit that provides support to
families in which a member has a
developmental disability or delay, is
at risk of the same, or has a traumatic brain injury. Services include locating assistance to purchase computers, home furnishings or modifications, child care or respite care, or repairs to vehicles.

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP)
ncatp.org  •  800-662-7030
State agency that provides information on assistive technology funding for home and vehicle modification, devices assisting people with vision or hearing impairment, prosthetic limbs, medical equipment and more.

See our comprehensive Special Needs Resource List, beginning on p. 24 of our Special Kids guide, for needs-specific organizations that may provide additional recommendations for financial assistance. Government agencies are on p. 35.

Karen Lewis Taylor is a writer and editor serving as project editor for Special Kids. She lives in Apex with her husband and two school-aged daughters.

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