Author: Peggy Gisler

Grading Homework

I was taught in college that homework is assigned to teach students to work independently, learn responsibility, practice new material and to see who understands what was taught. This isn’t happening at my child’s school, where assignments are randomly pulled and graded.

Testing for Gifted Services

Question: From the time my son entered school, all of his teachers have said what a bright boy he is. He will get some challenging assignments, but most of the work is very easy for him. He’s in third grade now. I would like to have him tested so he can be in a gifted program next year. —Impatient

Shy Students

Q: My sixth-grader is getting lower grades in social studies because she fails to participate in classroom discussions as much as she should.

High Test Scores but Lower Grades

Question: I just received the scores for the standardized tests that my daughter, a sixth grader, took this past year. All of them are better than last year’s scores. How can this be explained as many of her report card grades were lower this year? – Puzzled