Author: Carol McGarrahan

The Gift of Life

In times of sorrow and great pain, heroic parents choose organ donation to ease the suffering of families they don't even know. In this article, two local families share their stories of love and loss.

Overweight & Pregnant

Women of childbearing age in North Carolina are among those leading an "epidemic of obesity" that puts women and babies at risk for certain health complications.

My Brother’s Keeper

Alison Bell, a mother who lives in Raleigh, is devoted to her brother, John, who has special needs. As a child, though, she sometimes felt ignored by her parents because her brother required so much attention.

When Anxiety Attacks Kids

Does your child worry about tests for months in advance, have trouble eating or sleeping, or refuse to go to school on a regular basis? All children and adults suffer from anxiety, but how do parents define what's within the boundaries of normal?

Baby's First Trip to the Dentist

One of the biggest mistakes parents make on a child's first visit to the dentist is transferring their own fears and anxieties to their children, says David Olson, a pediatric dentist who practices in Raleigh.

Bouncing Back

Studies show kids who are optimistic and resilient lead happier, healthier lives. Experts believe parents can nurture those personality traits in their growing children. How great is that?