Apps Encourage Children to Create Movies and More

Is your child a movie lover? An artist? A storyteller? While it’s easy to overlook the small things—a desire to draw, or a knack for figuring out the most puzzling films—you never know the true talent that may be hiding beneath.

In a recent USA TODAY article, apps encouraging children to create their own short films are profiled, including:

ABCya Animate (ages 7-14) provides children with the tools needed to create their own stop-motion animated film. In fact, it makes the difficult process of creating an animated film seem simple.

Easy Studio, Animate With Shapes! (ages 7-14) is a movie-building app offering an “Easy” and an “Expert” mode. A bit more difficult to use than ABCya Animate, this app encourages children to animate with geometric shapes that can be layered to create people, places, and things.

This week, instead of asking your children which movie they want to watch, ask how they feel about creating their own.

Knowing many film school graduates and moviemakers myself, and knowing that we live in one of the top areas of the country for film school and filmmaking, I think it’s worth encouraging our movie-loving children to try their hands at an art form they love. The fun may start with an app, but who knows where it could lead?

Andrea Fisher is a Triad-based writer, movie lover, and content specialist for 4tv. She has been published in a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider. Check out more of her tips @andreafisher007.

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