Apex Friendship Middle School Students Participate in Breakfast Taste Tests

Tests help provide flavorful, healthy breakfasts and lunches for students
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Photo courtesy of WCPSS

WCPSS Child Nutrition Services marked National School Lunch Week 2018 (Oct. 15-19) with a series of student taste tests. Paula DeLucca and her WCPSS Child Nutrition Services leadership team visited brand-new Apex Friendship Middle School, where sixth-graders sampled a breakfast flatbread, bacon-and-cheese frittata, breakfast pizza bagel with southern gravy and sausage, and protein-packed breakfast boat.

Students ranked each sample with a green, yellow or red card to indicate opinions of each choice. All four items tested exceeded an approval rating of 80 percent, and the frittata and flatbread received unanimous approval. Jennifer Okurtz of WCPSS Child Nutrition Services says they will consider this feedback along with responses from other taste tests to determine additional items to add to breakfast menus across the school system.

These taste tests enable WCPSS Child Nutrition Services to provide flavorful, healthy breakfasts and lunches for students that will enhance wellness and academic success. Food and drink items available to students in schools are aligned with the meal pattern established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and dietary specifications that include limits on fats, sodium and calories.


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