Add Bling to Your Bag

Ss Clipa2

That sturdy, reliable handbag deserves to be dressed up, too. The Clipa is “bling” for your bag that’s also functional. It not only clips onto your handbag, making a pretty accessory, but it is also a handbag hanger, holding up to 45 pounds. No more setting your bag on a dirty floor or wet countertop.

Clip a Clipa onto your purse strap and you have instant access whenever you need it. The circular clip, which comes in polished silver, gold or hematite, also works with diaper bags.

The device hangs on most tabletops, counters and walls. Place one end of the Clipa on a table and hang the bag from the other end. Non-slip pads on each end provide a solid grip.

And talk about bling – the Clipa can be worn as a bracelet. The three-inch diameter fits most wrists. Clipa sells for $20-$40. Visit

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