A Sweet Solution to Excess Halloween Candy

Trick Or Treat 002

So here’s how Halloween goes at my house: The kids go trick-or-treating, and they bring their loot home. I check through it to see it looks “safe,” and then they eat a bunch of it (me too). Since they’re not allowed to gorge themselves on candy except on Oct. 31, their leftover candy then sits for months in my kitchen. (Actually, what sits there are their less-favorite pieces.) Eventually, I find the stash and throw it away. What a waste! But this year, I might consider a local solution.

Sweetie’s Candy Shop, a new candy store in downtown Wake Forest, is accepting extra Halloween candy through Nov. 15 and is shipping it to deployed troops in Afghanistan. The store’s owner, Darlene Stroud, has a military connection; her son-in-law recently returned home from serving in the army. The surplus candy will be sent to Staff Sgt. Stephen Reavis, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, and whose wife, Mikki, is a Wake Forest hair stylist. Reavis is the platoon sergeant for the 82nd Airborne Division, and he’ll share the candy with his brigade, according to a press release.


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